Scoopslam 31

The scoopslammers discuss HHH as champion, the Fastlane main event, and take their best guesses at the Wrestlemania main event.


Scoopslam 30

Randy hosts the Scoopie awards! With the help of Alex and Hayes, the Scoopslammers hand out their end of year awards.


The Watchers #8

Alex and Chance talk about the Leftover’s renewal, Fargo’s second season, Transparent, The Americans, You’re the Worst, and name their top 10 of 2015.

  • Featuring:  Alex Padron, Chance Agard
  • Length:  1:00:05



Scoopslam 29

Randy, Hayes, and Alex discuss Roman Reigns’ new championship gold, title belts changing hands on Monday Night Raw, and the results from the TLC PPV.


Scoopslam 28

The scoopslammers debate their top five finishing moves of all time, in another Top 5..in the Bank!


Scoopslam 27

In this podcast, we discuss Sheamus as the new champion, whether Roman Reigns is ready to be the next world champ, and make some early Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania predictions.


The Watchers #7

The Watchers discuss the current season of Homeland, what made Friday Night Lights so good, and the critical reception for the new season of The Leftovers.

  • Featuring:  Alex Padron, Chance Agard
  • Length:  39:16



Scoopslam 26

In this podcast, we discuss Lucha Underground’s first season and the massive event that was NXT:Takeover Brooklyn.


Scoopslam 25

The Scoopslammers, housed inside the Roman Reigns Penthouse, debate the match qualities and controversies from Summerslam.