Scoopslam 31

2/1/16 Scoopslam 31 The scoopslammers discuss HHH as champion, the Fastlane main event, and take their best guesses at the Wrestlemania main event. Featuring:  Alex Padron, Randal Reiman, Michael Hayes Length:  55:41

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Scoopslam 30

1/22/16 Scoopslam 30 Randy hosts the Scoopie awards! With the help of Alex and Hayes, the Scoopslammers hand out their end of year awards. Featuring:  Alex Padron, Randal Reiman, Michael Hayes Length:  1:06:41

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The Watchers #8

1/10/15 The Watchers #8 Alex and Chance talk about the Leftover’s renewal, Fargo’s second season, Transparent, The Americans, You’re the Worst, and name their top 10 of 2015. Featuring:  Alex Padron, Chance Agard Length:  1:00:05…

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Goodbye Old Friend

As I dropped my Xbox 360 into a storage box, it dawned on me that I may never find myself pulling it out. I may be saying goodbye to what is quite possibly my favorite…

Brock Lesnar: Great for the WWE

Brock has been back, on and off, for quite a while now. His time in the WWE has been very controversial, whether it was Undertaker’s broken streak or the prominence of a part-time champion. A…

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